Work With Us

We are a small team, and we like to keep things that way. This helps us recognize and value each others work, needs and aspirations. So when we do grow, we make sure to have everything well thought out for the new team member!

Hello Hello!

We are a curious bunch of designers and developers, who like to keep things simple, easy and open. Not just for the people we provide services to, but also amongst ourselves. We all work from home, although that was not the case for some of us in pre-pandemic times. Working schedules are also flexible and we do things at a comfortable pace. Weekends are officially off, but of course, if you prefer your weekend to be on a Thursday or something, nothing can really stop you. Client expectations and "deadlines" are managed based on what we want our weeks and months to look like.

It is important for us to regularly learn new things - especially from each other and our clients. We feel unlearning bad habits or ideas often can be as important, if not more. Whatever we work on, whether internal or external, we try and make sure that there is room for individual and collective growth. Challenging tasks are healthy as long as they don't stress us out.

Available Opportunities

If you are interested in working with us, below is a list of currently available opportunities. Please send in your CV or portfolio to us via email with "Job Application for [name-of-position]" in the subject line. Our email address is echo at sputznik dot com. And in case your profile does not match with the opportunities described below, you are also welcome to send in your CV with a role you feel like you can play within our team. We will reach out to you when we are able to sustain such a role from our work. Please keep it relevant, of course.

We encourage applicants from under-represented identities or communities in the tech industry to apply. Providing a safe and comfortable working environment - whether virtual or physical - is crucial and central to our daily decision making.


1. Mobile Application Developer in Flutter From Feb 2021

We are expanding our services to Android and iOS software platforms. We have done some experiments in the Flutter SDK before, so we are looking to work with a dedicated mobile developer to take things forward with more seriousness. If you:

  • have experience of at least an year in developing applications using Flutter
  • have good communications skills to interact with the team, or at times with a client
  • like to ask a lot of questions and don't mind answering queries from your team members
  • have a laptop and internet connection wherever you are (this is a remote working opportunity)
  • use git
  • want to learn about WordPress architecture and API, and server operations
  • want to learn about the amazing people we get to work with and what they do in the world of society, politics and economics

then please go ahead and write to us. We would like to do a short call with you and discuss this opportunity, and your aspirations, in more detail.