The Team

Sputznik started as a blog by two friends for their freelance work but soon became something much bigger (or got out of hand as some might put it). Over the years we have grown quite organically into a group of learners and problem-solvers who enjoy working together and don't really believe in Monday morning check-ins.

Guneet Narula is an information technologist, web developer and designer. After graduating in 2009 with half baked skills in animation and multimedia, he worked independently first as a visual communication designer and soon a web developer. His work usually includes WordPress development, Linux server administration, user interface and experience design, information architecture design, data visualizations and creating or editing geospatial data.

He has an active interest in internet freedom, free and open source software and the sociopolitical ramifications of information technology in governance. He worked part time with Akvo Foundation's South Asia office for three years as a technical officer looking at technology and data in the development sector. Currently he is a core committee member of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal and is also part of Datameet - a community of open-data enthusiasts in India. He loves gardening and long distance road trips.

Meet Mathew, a passionate individual with a heart for both creativity and community. Armed with a bachelor's degree in Social Work. With over 8 years of experience mastering the intricacies of WordPress, he's a seasoned pro in crafting captivating online experiences.

Mathew's expertise shines brightest in his meticulous attention to detail, whether he's designing logos, crafting layouts, or refining themes for websites. But his talents extend beyond the screen. For years, he's been dedicated to nurturing young minds, teaching children fundamental computer skills with patience and enthusiasm. Outside of work, Mathew finds joy in fostering connections and celebrating diversity. A natural organizer, he thrives in coordinating events and relishes the opportunity to learn from individuals hailing from various cultural backgrounds.

Samuel Thomas holds a Master's degree in Computer Science. Academically, he has worked in Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web, Java and several web technologies. Professionally he is an experienced developer having worked extensively with WordPress, Django, Flutter, APIs of social networks and websites, and intermediate level Code Igniter framework. His skills include HTML/CSS/JS/JQuery, PHP, Python and MySQL. He is also an efficient database designer. Sam managed Akvo Foundation's WordPress based products for three years.

He is an active musician and also manages Vineyard Home, an orphanage under the organization Mission to the Unreached.

Stephen graduated in Computer Science Engineering and has been working with Sputznik from the day he got out of college. He works exclusively with WordPress, HTML/CSS/JS/JQuery, PHP and MySQL. Additionally, he also has an interest in developing mobile apps using the Flutter SDK.

Even before graduating, he started working on his web development skills and is great at problem-solving when there is a technical issue. In his free time, he loves playing the guitar and learning about mixing and mastering sound.


Jay Vardhan has completed a Master's Degree in Computer Science. During academic years, his interest involved around Semantic Web, Recommender Systems and building projects in Java. Professionally, majority of his work includes building web applications utilizing WordPress as a platform. His skills include HTML/CSS/Javascript, PHP, Java, MySQL and Linux Server Administration.

Jay is an avid reader and loves spending his free time among family and friends. Another great passion of Jay's life is spending time with children and teaching them World Wide Web.

Moumita Das is a multidisciplinary visual designer. Over the years, she's developed a deep love for website interfaces and user experiences. With a background in animation, multimedia & filmmaking, she works on a wide range of web design projects. With a keen understanding of visual design, she's passionate about thinking big picture with the work she creates and loves nothing more than to come up with a cohesive design system. Whether that be a website, app, magazine, art installation, or brand identity.

She believes inclusive design, open information and data sharing can bring people together, and allow them
to better understand their society and how they can improve it. When not working, she loves to travel and is currently on an unending quest to find the perfect recipe for Nolen Gurer Bhapa Doi (steamed yoghurt pudding with date palm jaggery).

Our Ex-Colleagues

Nikki holds a B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering. She has experience in developing mobile apps with Flutter. She has also worked with Django, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PostgreSQL, and Firebase.

She writes blogs about her experiences as a Software Engineer and the tech she uses daily. Additionally, she contributes to Open Source Projects in her spare time and learns new technologies. She likes to read novels and belongs to the Hufflepuff house.

Sonal holds a bachelor’s degree in English. She is great at designing work both on the computer and by hand. She works on WordPress and uses software like Photoshop to create designs. She is great at picking out the perfect colours and themes when designing websites and pages.

She is a self-taught artist and owns her own art business which she runs on the side.

Yash has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. He is an experienced developer in cross-platform application development with Flutter and sometimes native android. Currently, he is experimenting with Python, Django, and UI/UX. When he is not working, he loves to travel, playing cricket, and watching Anime.