Varta Trust promotes dialogue and understanding on gender and sexuality as issues intimate and integral to human development in India.

The Varta website, especially their online magazine, is a prominent platform in the gender rights movement that gives voice to many people, topics and issues. We began work with the Varta team in the summer of 2019 with the objective to move away from their custom PHP based content management system that had run its course over the years. Another important part of the puzzle was a “locator” to search for queer friendly health and legal services all over india. The new design was crafted keeping some resemblance to the old website in mind. Over the few months of work, we were able to add a comprehensive data management system to the dashboard for the locator feature to work smoothly, while leveraging the core content publishing and formatting functions of WordPress for the webzine. As always most of the page layouts are editable thanks to the Siteorigin page builder. This website is still a work in progress though.