s a r a i

Over the last fifteen years, The Sarai programme at CSDS has arguably been South Asia’s most prominent and productive platform for research and reflection on the transformation of urban space and contemporary realities, especially with regard to the interface between cities, information, society, technology, and culture.

The website for the Sarai programme was one of our first few projects involving custom WordPress themes. And it is still some of our best work. Working with the folks at Sarai was a sheer delight, even though the task was quite complex. From migrating away from a deprecated content management system to redoing the information architecture, the work was fun, collaborative and challenging. Mobile responsiveness techniques were also new in the web development scene around 2011, so we wrote a whole lot of CSS for this to work. But the best part of course is that the programme itself did (and still does) a lot of important and seminal research in the field of new media and technology, and working within that space along with the Sarai fellows was inspiring.