Hardnews Foreign Policy

HNFP is the latest offering by Hardnews Media Private Limited, which has brought out an eponymous magazine since December 2003. Hardnews has always been at the vanguard of independent reportage on foreign and domestic issues, and it has a number of journalistic exposes to its credit. What HNFP seeks to do is to leverage Hardnews’ deep interest and competence on Foreign Policy and present it in a digital-first format.

In 2017, we worked with Hardnews on their foreign policy news website, which originally was a Medium blog. But the client felt the need for more control and flexibility, so WordPress was an easy choice. We wrote a custom theme for them based on a design that their team had thought of. The home page is image heavy so we had to work on a couple of optimization techniques to keep the performance going. We also implemented a feature to control the homepage grid layouts via shortcodes, so that the client can customize the content layout when needed.

In 2021 the website was rebranded to Hardnews instead of HNFP.