Funkanatomy is Kirin McAwesome's handmade jewelry brand that broke into the e-commerce scene well before Amazon was a thing in India! Go hear to get delicious looking earrings, studs, necklaces and rings.

In early 2011, Kirin called up Guneet in the middle of the night and said, "I think I am ready to put my work online" - or something similar, our memories are choppy. And so began the Funkanatomy project. Sputznik and Kirin teamed up for the next few months and launched the first version of Funk! We were charting new territories: WordPress was not common among e-commerce stores, especially in India. Social media marketing, order management, shipping, data privacy, everything had to be figured out. We even designed and developed "BeadBox", a make-your-own-earring-and-order-it interface, which is currently in hibernation. But over the last seven years, this partnership has only grown. What you see today is version number three of Funk.