CREA’s Disability, Sexuality, and Rights Online Institute (DSROI) is a six weeks long online course that provides a study of theory and practice at the intersection of disability, gender and sexuality with a focus on perspectives from the global South.

Our association with CREA started in 2020 with the 7th edition of the Disability, Sexuality and Rights Online Institute, when the institute's content and primary digital interface was hosted on PHPbb forum software. We provided support to participants, faculty and the DSROI staff during that edition, but in 2021, we took on the project develop a more advanced, easier to use and more accessible web platform for the institute.

The 8th edition was hosted on a WordPress based platform that was developed with a clear focus on how the institute is organized, the nature of its information architecture and a fully accessible user interface based on WCAG's guidelines. We worked on a custom plugin to deliver content, manage user groups, and setup email announcements, and also integrated the theme with bbPress to enable forums on the platform. During the six weeks of the institute we provided hands on support for content management and any technical troubleshooting.

We have received some good feedback and are in the process of further improving the platform for participants. One extra perk of being part of this annual institute is of course getting access to the amazing curriculum it offers to its participants!