Chambal Media

Chambal Media is a digital media social enterprise founded in 2015 by a diverse team of rural and urban media practitioners, with over 20 years of experience producing local language content especially with and for rural audiences.

Chambal Media is the digital media enterprise that runs and manages Khabar Lahariya - India's only women-run brand of ethical and independent rural news. It was founded with a mission to involve and include the perspectives of those on the margins into the digital mainstream online. Chambal has several partnerships and projects to showcase and we have teamed up to do just that. We worked on the designs using their brand language, and focused more on the visuals than the text - dark backgrounds and overlays, with a dash of red in the footer. A dedicated page for their flagship Khabar Lahariya made sense as well. The website went live recently bit the work is not completely over. While bright colour pops look great, they do pose accessibility issues. The objective now is to improve the visuals and performance to meet web standards.