We provide web design and development expertise to not-for-profit public or private organisations, small businesses, research groups, social and political campaigns and movements.

We work with open source technologies such as WordPress and Django on Linux stacks to create dynamic, mobile-friendly websites, content management and publishing systems, web applications, data dashboards and API mash-ups. These are built on top of clean documented code and accessible UI and UX design, and complimented by visual communication/graphic design services, Linux server stacks and training for our clients.
Our goal is to provide simple and functional web experiences to both users and organizations. In the process we hope to utilize the full potential of the World Wide Web as a free, open and powerful tool for social and political change.

Our Essence

At Sputznik, we push ourselves to work along with you and understand your perspectives and values. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of the following services:

Web and Graphic Design

Content Management Systems

Web Applications and Platforms

API Mashups and Integrations

User Interface and Experience Design

Data Visualization and Analysis

Illustrations and Art

Server Administration

  • Manan Books

    Manan Books aims to publish books promoting the democratic potential of education, to reflect the diversity of childhoods and learning experiences.

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  • TURN

    The Tacit Knowledge Urban Research Network is a multi-organization research project that documents informal ways of knowledge production and sharing within different urban communities in India

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  • Varta

    Varta Trust promotes dialogue and understanding on gender and sexuality as issues intimate and integral to human development in India.

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